Мадрид, Толедо и окрестности

7 days

The heart of Castile


We fly to Madrid, Spain’s capital and main city of Castile. Madrid — the fastest, the greenest and most vibrant European capital. Here the sky — as in the paintings of Velasquez, is the imperial scope, magnificent parks and unrivaled cuisine. During the tour we will drive along the avenue Gran Via and the Prado Avenue, see the elegant art nouveau and lush eclecticism Alcalá Street, take pictures monument to Cervantes in the Plaza of Spain. The new part of the city we will see the famous Santiago Bernabeu stadium, which plays the «Real Madrid». 6 nights in Madrid.

DAY 2. Prado Museum and the Royal Palace

By public transport we will arrive in the center of Madrid — is impressive boulevards and mysterious labyrinth of old streets have preserved the memory of the board of two European dynasties — the Habsburgs and the Bourbons. We are waiting for a fascinating tour through the halls of the Prado Museum — the world treasure painting. Here we will see masterpieces by Goya, Velázquez, Murillo and Bosch. Then statement statement The statement The of The statement The of The of of The statement The of The of of The of of of The of of of of of The statement The of The of of The of of of The of of of of The aa aa a Statement
Our program pedestrian the the the the the the the thematic tour «of the of the of of of of the Madrid of the the the the Golden of of of of of Age «, the will of of of the of the the which includes the will of of will of will most interesting parts of the center of the Spanish Capital. In addition, we will be able to get acquainted with one of the most magnificent royal palaces of Europe, which is used for official ceremonies today (excursion at an extra cost).

DAY 3. Escorial, Segovia

Today, anyone can join the tour at the legendary Escorial palace complex — the royal residence and the religious symbol of Spain, the most important historical monument of the country. Here you can see the private quarters and a unique library of Philip II, the best paintings and architecture of the XVI century. Then we are waiting for the former capital of Segovia: in it we find traces of Jewish history, admire the stone Gothic lace, see the miraculously preserved Roman era aqueduct and incredibly beautiful castle Alcazar, standing on a steep cliff.


In the morning we go on a trip to Toledo, to get acquainted with one of the most mysterious cities in the world, where Jewish, Muslim and Christian history came together. Passing massive walls, we will rise to the area of ​​Zocodover and then through stratagem medieval streets pass to the main cathedral Spain, which are famous works El Greco and Goya, Raphael and Tiziano. Visit also miraculously preserved synagogue, built in the XII century. In the afternoon return to Madrid, and again we see that it has inexhaustible possibilities for excursions, recreation and entertainment.

Day 5. In the homeland of Cervantes

The first half of the day will be devoted to the old campus of Alcalá de Henares, on the list of UNESCO world treasure. We will go through the walls of the monumental archbishop’s residence and see the palaces of the Spanish nobility, decorated with filigree stone carving. In the historic quarter we can see the house where the author was born immortal «Don Quixote.» After returning to Madrid, we will be able to walk in its tree-lined boulevards. At dusk Madrid becomes even more colorful, why not otkazzhite his walk through the beautifully lit city!

Day 6 Salamanca, Avila

After breakfast we will invite to join the optional excursion on Zamli Old Castile. We will see the walled city Avila, whose mighty walls and watch towers erected in the XI century, preserved intact to this day. It is believed that in medieval Ávila kabballist Moses De Leon wrote the book «Zohar». After that we will look at Salamanca. Old streets of this wonderful city filled with young people, because there is one of Europe’s oldest universities. Magnificent palaces and cathedrals of Salamanca seem to be built of gold and filigree stone carving on their facades similar to the works of master jewelers.


Madrid metro wagons domchat us to the central square of Puerta del Sol, which is going to «the whole of Madrid» — Spaniards are celebrating and protesting, drinking chocolate and make a purchase. We take a walk through the city center and leave time to purchase souvenirs or relaxing in the shade of the plane trees of the Retiro Park. In his spare time, you can also get acquainted with the wonderful museums in Madrid — Thyssen collection and the Center for Arts. Reina Sofia, which are located nearby. Then we go to the airport and fly to Tel Aviv.

Of of of The Of Of Of Of price Includes:
— flight tickets (in Accordance with the cancellation terms and conditions);
— 6 nights accommodation in tourist class improved, including buffet breakfast;
— a study tour of Madrid;
— visit to the Prado Museum with a local guide;
— sightseeing tour in Toledo (including a visit to the cathedral and a synagogue);
— excursion in Alcala de Henares;
— walking tour «The Golden Age of Madrid»;
— walking tour «Puerta del Sol» .
— comfortable tourist buses in accordance with the program;
— tourist services in Russian (tour guide in Israel).